Project Teams

The Project Management Module has a variety of tools to help teams of organizations or citizens organize activities, assign tasks, and manage the project and related knowledge.

Specific options include:

  • Project Teams or User Groups.   Do you need to share notes on organizations, outcomes, community needs, knowledgebase items, tasks or projects? Create a Project Team or (formerly called a User Group) so you can share information with your team members without making the information public (although you can do that too later, if you want).
  • Projects.   You can use the Community Platform to manage your community and nonprofit projects -- ranging from community cleanups to complex long-term efforts to create "cradle to career" education partnerships.
  • Tasks.  Each project can have an unlimited number of tasks assigned to it. Each task can be assigned to one or more individuals.
  • Custom Organization Lists and Peer Groups.  If you need to track a list of organizations for a survey, track program outcomes or results, track your organization's members, or track the organizations serving your community (even though they may not have an office there), Custom Lists are a great way to do this.
  • Organization Assignments and Contact Notes.  We provide an easy way for you to take notes on your contacts with organizations and share them with members of your Project Team.
  • Project Knowledgebase.
  • The Knowledgebase lets you store notes or documents for use by your Team.

Users with appropriate access rights, such as Community Administrators, can also see a full list of Reports on this menu, along with tools for managing Community Administrator assignments.

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