Board Basics:

  • Board Basics:

    This entry discusses the responsibilities and standards for serving on a board. Learn More»
  • Board Committees:

    This entry provides information on the importance of board committees; special attention is paid to executive and governance committees. Learn More»
  • How To for Board Members:

    eHow provides videos and articles for board members to better understand their role in nonprofit organizations. Learn More»
  • Lessons for Boards from the Nonprofit Overhead Cost Project:

    This entry provides a link to the Nonprofit Overhead Cost Project, which provides lessons to help board members check and encourage the financial accountability of their organizations Learn More»

Board Operations/Governance

  • BoardSource:

    BoardSource is dedicated to advancing the public good by building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service. They provide: knowledge and resources for nonprofit leaders through workshops, training, assessment tools, and governance consultants, as well as host an annual conference. Learn More»
  • Governance issues and resources:

    This entry provides links to resources related to document return policies, whistleblower policies, and board governance. Learn More»
  • Management Help:

    The site provides advice and material regarding board operations and board governance, which covers a wide array of topics and issues that board members may need to address. Learn More»
  • Nonprofit Risk Management Center:

    This site provides information on risk management for nonprofit organizations and links to risk management books. The nonprofit risk management center provides consulting services for a fee. Learn More»

Staff/Board Relations

  • Building an Effective Community "Team" & Shared Vision:

    The Importance of Communication and Inevitability of Disagreement: This site discusses the prerequisites for building an effecting team and provides resources to help facilitate the team building process. Learn More»
  • Evaluating the Board of Directors:

    This entry discusses why and how nonprofits can evaluate their board or directors. Learn More»
  • Recruiting and Orienting New Board Members:

    This site provides a list of resources for nonprofits to utilize when recruiting new board members, which includes discussing the application process and orienting new board members. Learn More»


  • Board Café- Free nonprofit newsletter:

    Board Café publishes short articles that focus on talking to/with board members. Readers may post comments at the conclusion of the article to continue the dialog between board members. Learn More»
  • The blog for BoardSource:

    Learn More»
  • Nonprofit Board:

    This site is currently under construction, but they intend for the site to act as a management advice column for nonprofit organizations. Learn More»
  • Nonprofit Curmudgeon:

    Nonprofit Curmudgeon is an anonymous blog that discusses issues that arise in the nonprofit sector. While blogs focus on different topics surrounding nonprofit organizations, there are some blogs that focus on board of directors. Learn More»